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Striving for Perfection in an Imperfect World is a Daring Pursuit.

Join us in the pursuit.

We are Strunk Group, an employee benefit and HR consulting firm.

We help care for your people.

If you’re an organization with ten employees or thousands, and you’re tired of navigating the murky waters of employee benefits, compliance, and HR alone, Strunk Insurance Group is here.

We love to guide employers in designing and implementing employee benefits packages that fit the needs of their teams – so they can run happier companies. 

Our clients are caring trailblazers, leaders who are decisive, bold, and genuinely concerned about their employees.

The world needs more advocates.

Our practice of committed advocacy means we consistently act in the best interests of organizations and their people to enhance cultures, enrich health and increase happiness. 

You want to provide the best employee benefits customized to your company’s unique needs. We support your pursuit of providing the best for your people. 

We provide our clients with:

Working in the best interests of people – and organizations

Strunk Group leads the way in committed advocacy –  the practice of consistently acting in the best interests of an organization and their people. Committed Advocacy creates engaged environments by encouraging collaboration and openness. As a result, cultures flourish, health improves and happiness is increased – at work and in life.

The world is imperfect. So is insurance. But that shouldn’t limit your ability to demonstrate your care and do right by your people – and your business.  

We are here to pursue both.

Straight from the people who know us best

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“The Strunk team are wonderful, caring people.  Our HR Business Partner is knowledgeable, friendly and always quick to respond when we have questions.  Their professionalism is hands down some of the best in the valley.  I would highly recommend Strunk Group to anyone.”

Jennifer Canterbury, Off Madison Ave.

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“My partnership with the Strunk Insurance Group for the past 5 + years has been extraordinary.  Their team makes you feel like you are part of the Strunk Family, they truly care about the benefits being offered.  My dedicated Account Manager, Amber, is extremely responsive to my questions and goes above and beyond to help me in any way she can. The personal care and commitment go far in my book; and I look forward to our continued partnership.”

Roxanne Maloney, PHR; Great Elm Healthcare, LLC