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Teeing Up Success: How Discipline Drives Exponential Growth with Casey Strunk

257. Teeing Up Success: How Discipline Drives Exponential Growth with Casey Strunk
Bullpen Sessions: A Podcast For Insurance Professionals Driven To Reach Their Full Potential

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Casey Strunk of Strunk Insurance Group & Strunk HR: Here Are Our Five Most Successful Employee Benefits and Perks

Employee benefits and perks can help set your compensation package apart and make a real difference in the lives of your workers.

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What’s the key phrase women should avoid when negotiating a starting salary?

It’s among the 5 tips experts offer when it comes to overcoming the gender ‘ask gap’ and getting paid what you deserve at a new job.

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The Business of Love

When Casey and Teresa purchased the family business, The Strunk Insurance Group (SIG), from Casey’s father Greg in 2018, they knew that together, they could accomplish great things.

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Innovate with VDPC and Overlay Plans

As a means to reduce rising healthcare costs, innovative solutions are rising to the surface. One such solution is known as virtual direct primary care (VDPC). This has been one …

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Strunk Insurance Group – A Legacy of Giving

Arizona loves its home-grown businesses. Many of them reciprocate this sentiment by giving back to society. For 40 years, the Strunk Insurance Group has served as one of these strong local …

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Greg Casey Strunk

Employment insurance firm is a family affair

Working with his father, a former NFL player turned insurance businessman, Strunk also saw the value of personal connection with clients.

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Casey Teresa Strunk Insurance Arizona Republic

How son of Phoenix-based insurance firm founder is taking dad’s business into modern era

When Casey Strunk graduated from college and returned home to work for his dad’s employment benefits insurance firm, he found himself learning the ropes of the Phoenix-based business his father …

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A Proactive Approach to Employees’ Mental Health

By taking a proactive approach, organization leaders and HR professionals can focus on building a resilient workforce, increasing the comfort around mental health conversations and designing benefits plans to meet …

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Small Biz Tycoons: Educate and Empower E74

Join the Tycoons as guests, Casey & Teresa Strunk, talk about being in the family business and the importance of a strong, comprehensive employee benefits package. This team has it …

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Strunk Insurance Group on the Top Benefits for Retaining Employees

Local employee benefits expert Casey Strunk with Strunk Insurance Group discusses post-pandemic employee benefit trends and the top benefits for retaining staff.

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Bookmarked – Casey Strunk

Casey Strunk2020-2021 board chair for Executive Council Charities and president of the Strunk Insurance Group RECOMMENDS:“Lead … for God’s Sake” by Todd G. Gongwer

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