Open Letter from Casey Strunk: A More Daring Pursuit

Casey Strunk sitting at wooden kitchen table.

The world needs more advocates.

Our industry as a whole has over-complicated the consumption of healthcare. We overpromise and under-deliver.

We’ve lost sight of what is truly important inside of the healthcare experience for employees and employers alike.

What’s missing is an advocate acting in the best interests of an organization and its people at all times.

Over my 19-year career in employee benefits, it amazes me how many employers’ expectations are not being met when it comes to their broker relationship and benefits experience. Your trusted consultant can go out and design the best benefits and lowest possible rates, but if those benefits are not being communicated, enrolled, and consumed in a way that feels good, you are not maximizing your investment in your people.

Everything is rushed.

Everything feels last minute.

There are never clear and concise timelines that are discussed.

Expectations on both sides are not clearly defined.

Employees are left to navigate a complex system on their own, and most employers have accepted the fact that this is the way it’s been and always will be.

Striving for perfection in an imperfect world is a daring pursuit. Through our process of committed advocacy, we help set clear expectations, clear timelines, clear communication, and clear strategy. We are taking on this daring pursuit!

Committed advocacy results in flourishing cultures, improved health, and increased happiness – at work and in life. Committed advocacy helps create engaged environments by encouraging collaboration and openness.

You’ll know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

You’ll be running your business instead of running your benefits.

Your employees will feel heard and appreciated.

You feel good knowing you’re doing everything you can to help your employees yet acting responsibly for your bottom line.

Outside of my family, my faith, and my health, this agency is my contribution to the world. Greg Strunk started the business from scratch and has entrusted me with carrying on this legacy.

The world is imperfect. So is insurance.

But that shouldn’t limit your ability to demonstrate your care and do right by your people – and your business.

We are here to pursue both.

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